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Release notes

Bank of Finland Bulletin 1 • 2019
Publication dates 15 March 2019 / in the end of March
Vol. 93

The Bank of Finland Bulletin is published five times a year.

Olli Rehn

Editorial Board
Elisa Newby, Chairperson
Hanna Freystätter
Niko Herrala
Esa Jokivuolle
Paavo Miettinen
Meri Obstbaum
Petri Uusitalo, Secretary

Articles were prepared in the Monetary Policy and Research Department under the supervision of Hanna Freystätter.

Hanna Freystätter
Juhana Hukkinen
Pasi Ikonen
Eeva Kerola
Jarmo Kontulainen
Tomi Kortela
Mika Kortelainen
Helinä Laakkonen
Olli-Matti Laine
Sami Oinonen
Seija Parviainen
Michaela Schmöller
Lauri Vilmi

Charts and tables
Heli Honkaharju

Translated and edited
by the Bank of Finland Language Services and Communications

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