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Website information

The Bank of Finland Bulletin is the Bank of Finland’s website for publication of topical articles on economic issues. The English-language website was launched in May 2015 and is available at The company Crasman Oy is responsible for the technical implementation of the website.

The website is maintained by the Bank of Finland, which also has overall responsibility for the site. A comprehensive collection of articles, similar to the previous printed publication, Bank of Finland Bulletin, will be released on the site five times a year. Other types of articles and blogs will also be posted on the website.

Website structure

The home page presents highlights of new articles and blog posts. The articles are also available on the subject-specific pages, which are accessible via the main navigator, as are the blogs, charts and article search. 


The red line below the main navigator indicates your location on the site. As of May 2015, links to available language versions will be found at the top of each page. For easy navigation and quick access to information, the site provides both a search function and a mega menu, which pops up under the main navigator when you place the cursor on the main navigator.

Links are marked in blue or red. There are also white headline links on the home page.

Individual articles may be added to a separate download list and a PDF file created from the listed articles.

To print an article, select Print page adjacent to the article. To print more than one article, download the articles into a download list and create a PDF file for print. Go to the mega menu to download a PDF file containing the most recent collection of articles.


The Bank of Finland retains the rights to the photographs published on the website. The photographs have been taken by Maija Anttonen, Eira Heinämies, Mari Hienonen, Pekka Karhunen, Jaakko Koskentola, Iina Lario, Antti Mannermaa, Peter Mickelsson, Päivi Nietosvaara, Mia Ristimäki, Petri Uusitalo and Karoliina Vuorenmäki. Also Shutterstock's, Pixabay's and Unsplash's photos are used on the website.


Subscribe to a newsletter to receive alerts of new issues. The news service is also available as RSS feeds. The newsletter is serviced by Liana Mailer service provided by the company Liana Technologies Oy. The register of subscribers is located on the company’s server.

Data protection description (in Finnish only)

Technical recommendations

To view the website your browser must support css and Javascript. We recommend one of the following browsers: Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome, the three latest versions of which are supported. The site supports the following mobile devices and their most recent operating system releases: iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad), with Safari web browser, Android mobile devices (phone and tablet), with ie. Chrome for Android web browser.

You must have an application installed to read PDF documents. Free downloading of the program is available for example at

Data collection

The website is maintained in compliance with the Finnish Personal Data Act. A data protection description of the electronic subscription service is available from the Bank of Finland. No other personal data files are compiled on website users. Users are requested to provide their email address or other contact details only if they would like to have a reply to their questions or feedback. 

The website uses session cookies, which enable some of the functionalities of the site. To improve the services provided, basic statistics on website usage are produced, including number of site visitors, the most popular pages, points of access to the site, and the most frequent search terms and browsers and user’s native country. User statistics are based on server log data and tag-based reporting, which uses Siteimprove script and JavaScript code.


We welcome feedback on the site via email to info(at) or via the Contact form adjacent to the article. Any official mail should be sent to the registry at the email address kirjaamo(at)

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