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Alternative scenario: Higher interest rates are slowing inflation and economic growth in Finland

In Finland, variable rate mortgages are common, which to some extent is amplifying the impacts of monetary policy on economic growth and inflation. A key factor is the extent to which households have a financial margin to use as a buffer against increases in their loan servicing costs.

European Central Bank to review how it controls interest rates

In recent years, with the ECB’s asset purchase programmes and credit granted to banks, the ECB’s deposit facility rate has become the principal policy rate. The gradual reduction in the asset purchase programmes and in the volume of credit have prompted the ECB to review how it will control short-term money market interest rates in the future.

Climate change must be fought – what does PACTA say about the transition risks for banks?

The need to rapidly reduce carbon dioxide emissions will adversely impact the operations of many companies, and may make old operations unprofitable. Loan portfolio risks can be assessed by combining company-specific information on technologies and emissions with corporate loan portfolio data.

Finnish households’ purchasing power is improving – The economy’s long-term challenges are acute

The Government Programme establishes a foundation for strengthening the public finances and the prerequisites for sustainable growth. But unless the means for achieving growth are expanded, even a balance in the public finances will be impossible to maintain. And without sustainable public finances, the operating conditions for households and businesses operate will deteriorate.

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