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Bank of Finland Bulletin 2 • 2015
Publication date 4 June 2015 (Finnish version has been published on 21 May 2015)
Vol. 89
The Bank of Finland Bulletin is published five times a year.

Bank of Finland Financial Stability Report
One of the Bank of Finland’s core tasks is to contribute to the reliable, efficient and stable functioning of the financial markets. The Bank conducts regular analyses of the vulnerabilities and risks related to the financial system that could trigger or exacerbate economic disruptions. These are not forecasts, but analyses of potential financial market developments.

The financial stability analysis published on the Bank of Finland website is intended for financial market participants, other authorities and the general public to provide information and promote discussion on financial stability. The objective is to ensure that these parties take the current condition of and future outlook for the financial system into consideration in their operations. In addition to the stability analysis, the publication features articles of topical interest. The information presented in this report is based on the data available on 8 May 2015.

Erkki Liikanen

Editorial Board
Hellström, Jenni, chairman
Kilponen, Juha
Kurri, Samu
Newby, Elisa
Taipalus, Katja
Vilmunen, Jouko
Uusitalo, Petri, secretary

Steering group
Manninen, Otso
Taipalus, Katja
Timonen, Jouni
Topi, Jukka
Vauhkonen; Jukka
Virolainen, Kimmo

Esala, Lauri
Fungáčová, Zuzana
Haajanen, Jyrki
Honkanen, Johanna
Koponen, Risto
Koskinen, Jenni
Koskinen, Kimmo
Manninen, Otso
Mäki-Fränti, Petri
Putkuri, Hanna
Pylkkönen, Pertti
Savolainen, Eero
Taipalus, Katja
Topi, Jukka
Tölö, Eero
Vauhkonen, Jukka

Graphs and data
Björklund, Nina

Translated and edited
by the Bank of Finland Language Services and Communications

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