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Release notes

Bank of Finland Bulletin 4/2019
Publication dates 17 December and the beginning of January 2020
Vol. 93
The Bank of Finland Bulletin is published five times a year. 

Rehn, Olli

Editorial Board
Newby, Elisa (chairperson)
Freystätter, Hanna
Herrala, Niko
Jokivuolle, Esa
Miettinen, Paavo
Obstbaum, Meri
Uusitalo, Petri (secretary)

The forecast was prepared by the Monetary Policy and Research Department under the direction of Meri Obstbaum, Head of Forecasting.

Jalasjoki, Pirkka
Kajanoja, Lauri
Kokkinen, Arto
Lindblad, Annika
Mäki-Fränti, Petri
Obstbaum, Meri
Pönka, Harri
Sariola, Mikko
Silvo, Aino
Vanhala, Juuso
Viertola, Hannu

Graphs and data
Marin, Anna
Törrönen, Juhani

Translated and edited
by the Bank of Finland Language Services and Communications

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The contents of the Bulletin may be freely quoted, but due acknowledgement is requested.

ISSN 1456-5870 (online)

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