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Bank of Finland Bulletin 1 • 2015
Publication date 18 May 2015
Vol. 89
The Bank of Finland Bulletin is published five times a year.

Erkki Liikanen

Editorial Board
Jenni Hellström, Chairman
Juha Kilponen
Samu Kurri
Elisa Newby
Katja Taipalus
Jouko Vilmunen
Petri Uusitalo, secretary

Falling oil prices translate into an income transfer from producers to consumers-, Monetary policy supports euro area recovery from the crisis-, Forecast risks- and Russian economy and imports to contract substantially in 2015 -articles were prepared in the Monetary Policy and Research Department under the supervision of Samu Kurri.

Hanna Freystätter
Juhana Hukkinen
Pasi Ikonen
Mikael Juselius
Riikka Nuutilainen
Sami Oinonen
Eeva Kerola
Vesa Korhonen
Seija Parviainen
Jouko Rautava
Tomi Kortela

Heli Honkaharju
India Roland

Translated and edited
by the Bank of Finland Language Services and Communications

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