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Long-term government bond yields increased in the spring of 2021, especially in the USA

Faster growth for housing loan stock, slower for consumer credit stock

Capping debt-to-income ratios would limit total household debt

The capital adequacy and profitability of the Finnish banking sector improved in 2020

Bank of Finland and FIN-FSA’s stress testing method has three stages

The CET1 capital ratio in the Finnish banking sector falls in the stress test scenario particularly due to the increase in credit risk

Year-on-year change in value of output and turnover continuously negative

SMEs’ investment expectations have continued to deteriorate during the COVID-19 pandemic

Banks’ corporate lending has been subdued since summer 2020

Number of corporate loan renegotiations shot up in spring 2020

Pandemic has increased non-financial corporations’ deposit stock

Average interest rate on new corporate loans has increased in many sectors

New mortgage-holders’ debt-to-income ratios have increased

A smaller proportion of first-home loans than of other mortgages granted to highly-indebted borrowers

New mortgage-borrowers’ typical debt-to-income ratio is higher in growth centres than elsewhere in Finland

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