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US money market rates, Fed funds target range and level of reserves

Euro area overnight money market rates, ECB's interest rate corridor and excess liquidity in the Eurosystem

Miney market interest raters in a corridor under scarce and ample reserves

ECB´s securities holdings and loans to banks have begun to decrease

Key ECB interest rates have been raised rapidly but short-term money market interest rates are still not as high as in 2000

B2DS scenario target level for renewable energy production, energy production in the EU, and renewable energy production of companies financed by Finnish MFIs in 2020–2025

In order to achieve the targets, development should remain in the green zone.

Energy production capacity in EU countries, loans granted by Finnish MFIs for energy production in 2025 and the targets of certain scenarios for 2025

SDS = Sustainable Development Scenario (set of measures in accordance with the Paris Agreement for different forms of energy production); SPS = Stated Policies Scenario (measures announced in 2019), see PACTA (2020b)

Loans granted by Finnish MFIs for energy production and forms of energy production in the EU

Development of emission allowance prices in the EU

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