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Property investment yield is positive, but great differences exist between segments

New housing loans according to borrower's loan servicing burden at various interest rates

Industries on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki diverged after Russian invasion

Finnish banks’ funding did not become more expensive following the outbreak of war

Strong movements in energy and raw material futures prices have increased the liquidity needs of energy industry companies

Average maturities of small companies’ bank loans longer than those of large companies

The price of domestic companies’ market-based funding has risen in 2022

Due to strong movements in short-term corporate loans, growth in the stock of corporate loans was relatively weak for most of 2021

Banks still the main source of corporate finance in Finland at the end of September 2021

Large companies pay a lower interest rate on new bank loans than small companies

Interest rate spread increased between industries that suffered most from pandemic and other companies

Profitability of Finnish companies had recovered from pandemic before Russia's attack on Ukraine

New housing loans by borrower’s loan-servicing-to-income ratio at different interest rates

New housing loans by borrower’s loan-servicing-to-income ratio

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