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Development of Finland's total exports of major goods in Finnish exports to Russia before the invasion

Volume of Finnish crude oil imports and Finland's production and net imports of electricity

Declining share of world trade for Finland and competitor countries

Structural effect became negative due to global financial crisis

Competitiveness reflected the path of cost competitiveness especially during the years after the global financial crisis

The country effect has generally been greater than the product effect

Finland’s goods exports have rarely focused on global growth industries

Significant fluctuations in exports are explained not only by the export markets but also by the structure of exports

Alternative scenario: economy will temporarily improve in 2025–2026 by more than forecast

Unemployment rate will decrease in relation to baseline scenario and will fall below level of structural unemployment

Rise in average interest rate on new housing loans has not continued

Economic growth will pick up as a result of private consumption and investment

Household purchasing power will improve in the immediate years ahead

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