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Residential property prices have risen during the pandemic – especially in Sweden

Indications of overvaluation in housing prices on Nordic housing markets have increased in recent years

Nordic households have a high ratio of debt to disposable income

Nordic banks have considerable exposures to the real estate sector

Residential property is the largest sector in the Nordic real estate investment market

Impact of external variables on magnitude of tail risks in Finland’s real economy is elevated prior to greatest downturns

Bank of Finland and FIN-FSA’s stress testing method has three stages

The Finnish banking sector’s CET1 capital ratio would weaken by 1.4–4.7 percentage points in the stress test scenario

CET1 ratio weakened most by growth in impairments and risk-weighted assets for credit risk

Financial systems of Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Spain, Malta, Belgium and France exposed to structural risks similar to those in Finland

Structural macroprudential buffers smaller in Finland than in its most relevant peers

In Chart, the size of Norway’s structural buffers has been assessed based on buffer requirements imposed at the end of 2020. However, the new SyRB requirement of 4.5% for Norwegian credit exposures will not enter into force for some Norwegian banks until the end of 2022. In addition, when calculating the average buffer requirements, it has been assumed that, with the exception of Norwegian banks classified as systemically important, Norwegian banks only have domestic credit exposures. In practice, these assumptions somewhat overestimate the actual average buffer requirements for the Norwegian banking sector.

Nordea’s structural macroprudential buffers smaller than those of largest banking groups in Finland’s most relevant peers

Finnish households’ housing-related indebtedness has been increasing for a long time

Interest rates on housing loans historically low in Finland

New housing loans by borrower’s loan-servicing-to-income ratio

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