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Russian crude oil exports and average price of Urals crude

Russia's quarterly export revenues

Finnish economy in mild recession this year

Economic growth declined extensively towards the end of the year

Insufficient demand has become the primary production bottleneck in manufacturing

Employment rate will decline temporarily

The Russia economy is on track becoming smaller and less sophisticated than pre-war forcasts suggested

Estimate for the monthly development of Russia's total goods imports and technology imports based on mirror statistics

Monthly development of Russia's federal budget

War has driven Ukraine’s GDP down to levels not seen since the year 2000. Future economic trends remain highly uncertain.

Credit standards were tightened during the global financial crisis

Terms and conditions for new loans have long remained almost unchanged

Loand demand has recently weakened more broadly in Finland than in the euro area

Correlation between actual and expected credit standards has decreased

BKT-kasvulla ja BLS-muuttujilla on selvä yhteys

Correlation with economic growth is the largest at shorts lags

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