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Finnish households’ purchasing power is improving – The economy’s long-term challenges are acute

The Government Programme establishes a foundation for strengthening the public finances and the prerequisites for sustainable growth. But unless the means for achieving growth are expanded, even a balance in the public finances will be impossible to maintain. And without sustainable public finances, the operating conditions for households and businesses operate will deteriorate.

Editorial: Ukraine war blurring economic outlook – ECB monetary policy normalisation continues

Inflation is climbing, and interest rate rises will start soon. Household purchasing power was growing for a number of years, but now the situation is different. If we have the patience to look beyond the inflation spike, then competitiveness can be retained and the purchasing power of employees can be strengthened in future years.

Editorial: Recovery continues – monetary policy under conflicting pressures

Although inflation will remain faster than in recent years longer than previously expected, many of the factors driving it are by their nature transitory and expected to largely cease to apply during the course of 2022. There is, nevertheless, considerable uncertainty. In Finland, we need reforms to strengthen the prospects for economic growth.

Editorial: Monetary policy supporting sustainable economic recovery and a brighter outlook for inflation

Growth in the euro area economy is robust, but the outlook is overshadowed by production bottlenecks and the possibility of new coronavirus variants. Monetary policy will maintain favourable financing conditions for a sufficiently long period for the economy to continue its recovery.

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