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Average housing debt (per household with housing debt) greatest in growth centres
Below 36,200 EUR (5 % of observations)
36,200–51,200 EUR (20 % of observations)
51,200–63,900 EUR (25 % of observations)
63,900–80,600 EUR (25 % of observations)
80,600–109,000 EUR (20 % of observations)
Over 109,000 EUR (5 % of observations)
Housing debt categories are composed on the basis of the 5th percentile (approx. EUR 36,200), lower quartile, median, upper quartile and 95th percentile (approx. EUR 109,000) of all data points. The annual data refer to the amount of housing debt per household with housing debt (in 2016 prices) in each municipality over 2002–2016.
Sources: Statistics Finland and calculations by the Bank of Finland. The map contains data from the National Land Survey of Finland Topographic Database 03/2018.

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